The horrible war is a prediction by voyant and kabbalist Michel Nostradamus. Some believe this prediction to be the coming of a World War III.

This astronomical conjunction in Leo happened also in august 1987 (during Iraq-Iran war);
in august 2000 (when Russian submarine Kursk was sunk in Barents Sea);
and in 2002 (when president G.W. Bush ordered the invasion of Saddam Husseim's Iraq).
Next would be in August 2019, after a recent eclipse of the Sun.

Excerpt from Nostradamus quatrains[edit | edit source]


IX.55 (Horrible war)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century IX, quatrain 55

An horrible war which is being prepared in the west,
The following year the pestilence will come, (2)
So very horrible that young nor old, nor animal (may survive).
Blood fire Mercury Mars Jupiter in France. »

(2) Maybe has to do with the "yellow powder" that german voyant Alois Irlmaier said
that would be sprayed or dispersed by rockets by NATO armies in a protective belt of land
east to Warsaw in Poland, beginning from Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg in former eastern Prussia),
to Slovacchia, then to Transilvania in Romania, ending near the mouth of Danube river in the Black Sea.
This in order to protect Eastern Europe from a Russian invasion with tanks.

V.25 (When? After August 2019!)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century V, quatrain 25

The Arab Prince Mars, Sun, Venus, Leo,
Kingdom of the Church will succumb by sea: (or in Parma), (2)
Byzantium and Egypt true serpent (or towards Serbian-Bosnia*) will invade:
*(Republika Serpska)
Towards Persia (Iran) almost a million (men, kilotons?). »

According to the famous interpreter John Hogue, the "arab prince" is Mohammed bin Salman. His initials are "M.b.S." -> Mabus ?
But in this astronomical quatrain "Arab Principle" could be also referred to the Moon.

IX.91 (Bulgaria, northern Greece: horrible plague, unknown evil)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century IX, quatrain 91

The horrible plague Perinthus and Nicopolis
The Peninsula and Macedonia will it fall upon:
It will devastate Thessaly and Amphibolis,
An unknown evil, and from Anthony refusal. »

V.90 (Greece, Peloponnesus and her islands)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century V, quatrain 90

In the Cyclades, in Perinthus, and Larissa,
In Sparta all of Peloponnesus
Such great famine, plague through false dust, (3)
Nine months it will last and throughout the entire peninsula.' »

(3) "False dust" or Irlmaier's "yellow powder" could be IPRITE,
an irritating, blistering, blinding and suffocating molecule, with formula S=(CH2-CH2-Cl)2,
that harms the DNA of any human, animal and plant, decreasing also blood white cell count,
and making easier the transmission of infectious diseases like Anthrax).

II.29 (Oriental and his lance)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century II, quatrain 29

The Oriental(1) will come out of his Seat,
Crossing the Apennine Mountains seeing Gaule: (2)
Transported through the sky the waters and snows,
And shall strike everyone with his lance. »

(2) France (Galia transalpina) but also northern Italy (Galia cisalpina)
(1) Applies also to Hitler, since He was born in Oster-Reich (Eastern Kingdom), that we call Austria,
and in Vienna there was the ancient Christian relic named "Longinus lance",
lance of a roman soldier that pierced the side of Jesus Christ.

VI.80 (Fez = Turkey)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century VI, quatrain 80

From Fez (Turkey) the kingdom stretches out across Europe,
The city burns, and sword slices:
The great one of Asia (through) land and sea (invades with) a big army.
That blue, Persia, cross, (are) driven to death. »

II.05 (Fish with diseased letter)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century II, quatrain 5

That which is enclosed in iron and letter in a fish,
Out will go one who will then make war,
He will have his fleet well rowed by sea,
Appearing near Latin land.  »

II.04 (Mediterranean coast plundered)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century II, quatrain 4

From Monaco as far as Sicily,
All the sea coast will be left desolate:
There shall be no suburbs, cities, nor towns,
which will not be pillaged and violated by Barbarians. »

III.82 (Frejus, Antibes, Nice and locusts)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century III, quatrain 82

Frejus, Antibes, the towns around Nice,
will be greatly devastated from sea and land.
Locusts with favourable wind by land and sea,
Captured, dead, trussed up, plundered, without law of war. »

(Moslem attack in April)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century , quatrain

The time will be filthy, pestilent and violent,
A terrible Moslem attack and invasion.
Great disasters are made in April
And great persons will be ridiculed. »

I.09 (Invasion by the Adriatic sea, reaches Rome)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century I, quatrain 9

From the Orient (East?) will come the African heart
to make trouble to Hadrie (Adriatic sea ?) and Romulus heirs
Accompanied by the Libyan fleet,
the temples of Malta and nearby islands will be abbandoned.  »


By the classic legend Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, that were raised by a she-wolf,
so their "heirs" are the inhabitants of Rome.
If Nostradamus is not talking about the "African boat-people", passing through Libya and Mediterranean sea to take refuge
in Italy and then further travel to northern Europe
He would be describing a big alliance of many nations (Africa, Asia and Russia) to conquer old Europe, plenty of old weak people

X.33 (Florence in central Italy conquered by Muslims)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century X, quatrain 33

The cruel sect of the Moslems will come,'
Hiding weapons under their robes.
Their leader will take Florence and burn it twice,
Sending ahead clever men without laws. »

This is interpreted by Paul Gorman as soldiers hiding explosive (chemical ?) belts under their uniform or robes,
probably preceded by much smarter soldiers, like snipers and cannon & mortar operators, that will kill those trying to stop "kamikazes"
According to italian voyant Cristina Morigino, Florence will be marked by "an asterisk",
in my opinion it means struck by a radioactive weapon, maybe a neutron bomb.

According to the kabbalistic "W-50-50 letter extraction" (made by Lorenzo B. and Giancarlo R.) over the text of the
Italian Version of Apocalypse ("The Book of Revelation") the capital of the
Italian Caliphate will be the small medioeval city of Siena

V.55 (Granada in southern Spain conquered by a Yemeni general?)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century V, quatrain 55

In the country of Arabia Felix
There will be born one powerful in the law of Mahomet:
To vex Spain, to conquer Granada,
And more by sea against the Ligurian people


(Enemy troops also from Russia)[edit | edit source]

"Troops will approach from Russia.
The destroyer will ruin the ancient city
Italy will be destroyed
And no one will know how to put out
the great fire which will have been ignited."

"Karol will pass away when Europe to the east of the Rhine and Russia
have reversed their coin. An age of wars kills the consecrated iron man.
After a year of pillage, Rome stripped bare; the bells no longer ring. Age."

II.46 (War begins/ends with thermonuclear warfare ?)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century II, quatrain 46

After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared
The Great Mover renews the ages:
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
In the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.

IX.11 ("Gods", extraterrestrials appear when WW.III ends/begins)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus Century IX, quatrain 11

The gods will make it appear to mankind,
That they are the authors of the great conflict:
The once serene sky will show Sword and Lance,
The Left will be the most afflicted.  »

CONSPIRACY FANDOM USER: They only "appear" to mankind that they are the authors of the war. The only thing I can take from this is that Nostradamus is trying to tell us that some things exist beyond the realm of our control, and that some things were set in motion long before we may have thought they ever were.

REDTTURTLE: a possible interpretation is that aliens could launch an asteroid against Atlantic Ocean to stop the war, something that is hinted by Catholic Saint Hildegard von Bingen (canonized by Pope Benedict XVI) and by the mexican contactee and voyant Alberto Zecua.

II.59 and II.96 (Trident SSN "souldarts" against invaders)[edit | edit source]

« Nostradamus century II, quatrain 59

The fleet "Gauloise" (of France) supported by the guards
Of the great Neptune (NATO) and their tridentes "souldars" (nuclear darts) ,
Provence damaged, diseased, because supporting the great (defensive) band ,
And Mars, Narbon (Marseille) with lances and darts  »

« Nostradamus century II, quatrain 96

Burning stake will be seen in the sky at night
Near the end and beginning of the Rhone: ,
Famine, steel: the (nuclear) relief provided late, ,
Persia retreats to resist in Macedonia again.  »


REDTTURTLE: A defensive attack with nukes launched from French and NATO submarines is made in order to defend the strongholds
of a line along the river Rhone.
But even with low yield weapons, there is a big radioactive damage in Provence and in the former Roman province of Narbon

Overview[edit | edit source]

Commentary by Conspiracy Fandom User[edit | edit source]

In this prediction, Nostradamus mentions that the men of the World will believe that they are the offers of a "great conflict." By "great conflict" I do believe that Nostradamus is talking about a World War. In this case, I believe it has to do with World War 3. It's interesting that he mentions that it will only "appear" to mankind that they are the authors of the war. The only thing I can take from this is that Nostradamus is trying to tell us that some things exist beyond the realm of our control, and that some things were set in motion long before we may have thought they ever were. Possibly hinting that World War 3 will fall into this category as well.

Nostradamus also states that Humanity will have already gone through a "great trouble". I take this "great trouble" to represent the World War, because a World War is definately something that would effect all of Humanity, and would be global in it's reach. And in this case I believe it is World War 3 that he is describing. After this "great trouble for humanity", Nostradamus then states that "a greater one is prepared". Greater than a World War? There is only one thing I could think of that would be immediately greater than World War 3, and that would be a Global catastrophe of some kind - the Pole-Shift.

Commentary by REDTTURTLE[edit | edit source]

According to many prophets like Edgar Cayce; Saint Hildegard von Bingen; Alois Irlmaier; Nostradamus; Benjamin Solari Parravicini; Bruno Cornacchiola (voyant of the "Tre Fontane" in Roma); White Feather, quoting their Hopi ancestors).

There will be an HORRIBLE WAR that will begin when POWERFUL EARTHQUAKES will struck the western coast of USA and JAPAN, destroying many weapons manufactures, like BOEING in Pasadena north east to Los Angeles; LOCKHEED SKUNK WORKS south to San Francisco (and the entire Sylicon Valley); US-marines base in SAN DIEGO. And also Las Vegas and Phoenix (helicopter industries) could be destroyed.

There seems to be some hints regarding Israel in the Book of Ezechiel chapters 38 and 39 and in Psalm 29.

USA will manage to wipe out the naval powers of Russia and China, but their hugue land armies will conquer South Korea and Taiwan sending invaders soldiers even with small ROW-BOATS and ULTRALIGHT AIRPLANES (at the price of receiving a big amount of destruction in their mainland).

After several fights of Hezbollah with Israel (including the launch of chemical rockets against Jerusalem parliament "Knesset", and several neutron bombs against the Bekaa Valley ("Avarim valley") in Hezechiel 38 and 39, IRAN will be destroyed by ONE Trident submarine.

This will not be good for Europe, S. Korea and Taiwan (Japan will be nuked by Russians) because USA would have to abbandone Europe to stop it's own civil war (Won by the Military because it will be not impossible for an AH-64 Apache to kill 1000 people in 30 days even if they were heavily armed), so the most precious places will be oil refineries, airports, any industry related with aviation and helicopters, and any place difficult to be reached by crowds, places in the mountains like DENVER, SALT LAKE CITY, FLAGSTAFF. I would BUY RAYTHEON shares (former Texas Instruments) because they are located in a safer environment (since Texans are heavily armed and cohesive) and they build missiles that are much more cost-effective than planes (Capital ships are really easy and convenient targets).

There will be a lot of ships sunk by cruise missiles (Chinese, Russian, USA, NATO), also launched by B-1 and B-2. So the Russians will easily invade Europe (After Putin's death, and with the NEW HITLER in the command) but they will be stopped with nukes and Iprite gas.

The arriving point here is an irrational ICBM exchange, that will be preceded by the destruction of many Russian ICBM by American cruise missiles (in submarines, in their silos, in mobile TELs, etc.), so Russians will launch the spare missiles against very valuable targets like New York, the bases of submarines and aircraft carriers in CONUS and the Oil Refineries (fulfilling prophecies by Edgar Cayce). Russian cities will not be destroyed by nukes because they will be conquered by Christian Russian Rebels (Mikhaelites) and by Western Europeans (in revenge for the destruction of Praga, Paris, Rome, etc.)

The Arabs will gain in relative strenght for the weakening of the European countries, and will launch a steady and unstoppable invasion that will be supported by chemical and nuclear weapons (but this is too long a story, and everything in politics changes: there is the appearance of a Christian-Military-Monarchist movement, with some elements of Kabbalah and trance meditation).

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